1. Title and description
In this area we will state a clear and precise definition of the research by outlining the key components of the survey.
2. Objectives
We will state the purpose that the research serves, a list of issues and questions we will address.
3. Background analysis
What are the practical issues taken into consideration / current situation analysis?
4. Research hypothesis
Form the hypothesis by stating the questions asked, indicators that will be measured in order to address the broad issues stated in steps 2 &3,
5. Data collection
Describe the data collection process and sampling technique. Justify the sample selection approach.
6. Research methodology
State the reasons, evaluate and justify the implemented research strategy and data collection methods, present their validity in the quality of the findings and reliability in the outcomes.
7. Timeline and budget.
Present the Project milestones: time schedules and budgets for the steps of the completion of the project possibly through a Gantt chart.
8. Code of conduct
Refer to legal compliance, research ethics: anonymity and access to internal data.
9. Research limitations
Present possible time, resources constraints and sample limitations in terms of accurately representing the findings.
10. Outcomes
Conclude the outcomes of the survey, present guidelines and recommendations.


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